Photo: Daria Kielek Photography

Photo: Daria Kielek Photography



my name is Joanna and I'm crazy passionate about my job.

My photography adventure started when I was a little girl. I was raised in dark room, surrounded with film rolls and beautiful family albums. It was my dad who created all memories for us and was my first mentor.

I believe in power of memories. When family meets and turn album pages filled with beautiful photographs, real magic happens. It brings happiness, joy and happy tears of past moments that will never be forgotten.

As a photographer I specialize in family and children portraiture filled with color, love and happiness with a hint of contemporary touch.

Privately I'm happy wife, cat owner and blessed mom of two girls - blond haired, blue eyed Zuzka and chestnut haired, brown eyed Hanka - two elements that turn our days upside down but we can't recall days we didn't have them.

I can't live without coffee and music. My biggest dream is to have my own dark room and process film like I did when I was teenager.

I want to share my passion with you so take a minute to browse my portfolio, get in touch and let me create memories that will last forever.

Hope to see you soon!

x.x. Joanna